Bankruptcy reorganization


The Bankruptcy RestrucLegal Affairs Department, one of the business departments set up to provide professional legal services to customers, has provided legal services in this field to many domestic customers. The Bankruptcy reorganization Department has established a complete bankruptcy standardized text and operating procedures, and established a set of plan system to prevent and respond to legal risks and emergencies, which is competent for the duties of bankruptcy administrator or attorney for bankruptcy cases. The lawyers of the bankruptcy reorganization department have profound legal theoretical foundation and rich experience. They have provided professional and efficient legal services for large enterprise groups, listed companies and financial institutions, and won the praise of customers. The legal services provided by Hengxin Law Firm in the field of bankruptcy reorganization mainly include:

As the bankruptcy liquidation and reorganization administrator of the company (enterprise)
To compile plans for dissolution and liquidation, bankruptcy liquidation and bankruptcy reorganization of the company (enterprise)
Formulate plans for clearing and settling creditor's rights and debts
Issue the creditor's rights and asset disposal plan
Formulate a liquidation system
Preparation of creditors' meeting documents
Issue the personnel placement plan
Preparation of bankruptcy reorganization documents
Provide legal support for liquidation audit and evaluation
Issue the liquidation and restructuring work report