Remember the oath of practice and never forget social responsibility

In response to the call of the Dalian Municipal Bureau of Justice for the work of "one community, one legal adviser", Mr. Wang Bin of Hengxin Law Firm has been the legal counsel of Huachang Community in Kunming Street, Zhongshan District since May this year.
After starting the legal service work in the community, Mr. Wang Bin first discussed with the community staff, learned about the legal service needs at the grassroots level in detail, and formulated a detailed work plan with the community leader. From legal consultation to handling disputes, Mr. Wang Bin conscientiously performs his duties, and his professionalism, meticulousness and patience have won the praise of community residents. In a family in extreme poverty in the community, her parents divorced in 2015, after her mother was sentenced for extortion and her father suffered from cancer, resulting in a girl who has passed school age for nearly two years, and Wang has not settled down and cannot go to school. After learning the situation, lawyer Wang Bin visited the little girl's home several times with community staff to determine the focus of the problem and the multi-channel solution. With the full support of Hengxin Institute, it took nearly a month to travel to Shenyang (the girl's mother was serving her sentence in Liaoning Provincial Women's Prison in Shenyang) and Dalian, and after the Zhongshan court handled the custody change case, and communicated with the street, community, Zhongshan branch bureau, police station and school, finally completed the household registration procedures for the little girl on July 7, and completed the school registration work on July 5.
On August 8, the sun was shining and the grass was dark. Leaders of the Zhongshan District Bureau of Justice, representatives of Huachang Community in Kunming Street, and the elderly surnamed Mu (the girl's grandmother) and other people walked into Hengxin Law Firm and presented a pennant and a letter of thanks to lawyer Wang Bin. On August 2, the Zhongshan District Bureau of Justice issued an initiative for lawyers in the region to learn from lawyer Wang Bin.
The interests of the masses are no small matter, in our opinion, it is only a matter of our ability, but it makes a family regain hope and make a child happy. I often wonder, where is the glory of a profession? In the interlacing of time, you and I may have had trances and hesitations, but what walked through the smoke and rain of Pinghu Lake and finally condensed into the true meaning was the warmth of the sun and the pain of perceiving life, and lawyers are naturally no exception. Kindness is like water, touched by the excellent colleagues around us, and even more moved by this feeling beyond the words and swords, and the defense in court, I hope that all Hengxin people will embrace goodness and dreams, accumulate thousands of miles, live up to their original intentions, and are not afraid of the journey...