Lawyer Hengxin was invited to serve as the guest speaker of the "Dalian Insurance Industry Legal Compliance Training"

On December 2017 and 12, 15, Mr. Liu Anning of Hengxin Law Firm was invited by the Dalian Insurance Association to conduct two sessions of insurance industry compliance management training for more than 19 senior managers and middle managers of insurance companies, insurance brokerage companies and insurance agency companies in the city.
Based on typical cases and judicial practices in the aspects of insurance industry supervision, tax supervision and criminal penalties, Mr. Liu Anning gave a comprehensive and systematic explanation and introduction on the appointment of senior executives in the insurance industry, the establishment of branches, the use of insurance clauses, the civil liability of sales fraud, the legal consequences of inflated expenses, the supervision of anti-money laundering, and the criminal liability for embezzlement and embezzlement of insurance premiums from the perspective of internal management, product management, sales management, financial management and legal liability of the insurance industry. After the training, in-depth exchanges and discussions were conducted with the participants on related issues.
The insurance legal service team of Hengxin Law Firm currently serves as the perennial legal counsel of a number of life insurance and property insurance companies, providing clients with professional legal services in life insurance, property damage insurance, liability insurance, guarantee insurance and credit insurance.