Hengxin Law Firm Holds an Intellectual Property Business Exchange and Sharing Conference

On April 4, the 26th World Intellectual Property Day, Hengxin Law Firm successfully held an intellectual property business exchange and sharing session. Some of our lawyers and guests from more than ten of our perennial legal counsel client units participated in this exchange meeting, using law as a medium, based on practice, and speaking freely.


The exchange meeting first was led by Park Zhengzhe, the keynote speaker, the lawyer in charge of the high-end commercial business department of Hengxin Law Firm, to share the theme case. From the perspective of the prosecution and defense, Mr. Park made a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of eight IP-related issues, including the identification of works, the attribution of copyright, the standardized use of registered trademarks, the resolution of prior rights and conflicts of rights, the determination of copyright infringement, the determination of the amount of infringement compensation, the apology and elimination of the bearing of civil liability, and the determination of acts of unfair competition. Mr. Park's explanation is logical, vivid and easy to understand; The participants responded positively and interacted with Mr. Park.


The preparatory group of this exchange meeting carefully prepared a coffee break for the participants, and Hengxin lawyers and the participants exchanged views on issues of common interest to both parties and cultivated consensus. The guests of the client unit praised the meeting and expressed their expectations for the future lectures and activities held by the firm.